When considering legal representation, what do you look for?

If you value integrity, performance, reputation, bulldog-like tenacity, persistence and loyalty, as well as entrepreneurial spirit and experience, we should talk.

We don’t speak legalese, we speak your language. We are independent business owners ourselves, and we are hard wired to drill down to the core of your needs and provide a straightforward answer or plan as quickly as possible.

A solution may not always be simple, but we will be direct and help you understand your options.

After all, in the business world you don’t want a complicated spider web of “what ifs”. You want the cleanest, most efficient way to reach a resolution. That’s where we come in.


Practice Areas

No two cases are the same. Based on our experience handling a variety of matters, we have the flexibility and creativity to recommend solutions to you. We have experience that covers a wide range of issues.

  • Start-up Businesses
  • Corporate Law
  • Business Transactions
  • Commercial Litigation & Arbitration
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Estate Planning
  • The expertise our clients need



We are located along 394 in Wayzata. Our attorneys are skilled in other venues, such as arbitration and municipal proceedings, as well.

1907 Wayzata Blvd E
Suite 130
Wayzata, MN 55391

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